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Rachel-Kurt-Santana Relationship. What episode of Glee did puck and rachel hook up? Unfortunately for Hooker and the Union, the execution of his plan did not match the elegance of the plan itself. Yes, Quinn and Santana were hooking up, but it didn't mean they had feelings for each other.

And I agree, the writing in Glee this season seems to have been airlifted from various fan fic stories! Rachel-Mercedes Relationship. Actually the sentence is longer than that, pz b2 matchmaking but who cares.

Will glee s Rachel and Quinn hook-up
What episode of Glee did puck and rachel hook up

Quinn-Santana Relationship

What did Quinn do To Rachel in glee season two? Clearly my appreciation for continuity disqualifies me from ever being a writer on Glee. With her best friends, of course. Quinn or Rachel is my opinion andSantana or Brittany. Brittany-Sam Relationship.

Brittany-Kitty Relationship. Finn and Rachel haven't got back together because of Quinn getting in the way. Blaine-Marley Relationship. And for the first time, she actually wanted to tell Santana that she loved her. It is super important to always question Glee and your feelings about Glee.

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What episode on glee did puck loose his hair? They begin singing Love Song. Artie-Mercedes Relationship. What episode did puck from glee get stuck in a porterpotty?

They've been together for a while. Suddenly Quinn stopped, as Puck approached the raven haired girl. Did rachel and Finn get married on glee?

  1. Kurt-Santana Relationship.
  2. Puck-Santana Relationship.
  3. Mike-Mercedes Relationship.
  4. Should Finn with be with Rachel or Quinn in Glee?
Quinn-Santana Relationship

They both agreed that it meant nothing, dating in open but they also agreed that they would continue doing it. Rory-Brittany Relationship. Let's throw some spice and drama into that. What episode of glee does Quinn and puck babysit together?

Santana was referring to Quinn when she told Rachel about being with college girls who wanted to experiment. Home When the New Directions go roller skating, Quinn and Santana are seen fooling around in the background and holding hands. Santana did that when she was at her nastiest. How did Quinn from glee get pregnant? She grabbed Quinn's hand, interlocking their fingers, and every cell in Quinn's body tingled.

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  • What episode of glee introduced puck pool cleaning job?
  • Who gets Rachel pregnant in glee?
  • Shue can be as miserable as Finn is and they can start an a capella blues jam group and spin off into outer space.

Kurt-Sebastian Relationship. Quinn admits that she always wondered how it would be like to be with a woman, but it was a one-time thing for her. Claire and Phil actually are always kissing, florence hook so are Jay and Gloria.

Quinn winked at Santana, but nobody was bothered by it. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The connotations of papas are global, volatile and complex. And have a threesome with Adam Lambert. We all know better than to expect, assume, or even hope for continuity on Glee.

Shane-Mercedes Relationship. Rachel-Brittany Relationship. Emma is reluctant to leave Lima for such a long time to accompany Will, and they argue, but do not break up. Later, Quinn makes an announcement that she and Puck are together. Jesse-Rachel Relationship.

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They both provide back-up. Quinn-Brittany Relationship. Rachel and Finn break up in Special Education. What episode in glee do racheal and puck make out?

She smiles at Santana during the performance. Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship. Santana later notices the sparks between Finn and Quinn, and has an idea how she could get revenge. She also tells Rachel, while she's waiting for Quinn to attend her wedding, to face Quinn's not coming. Brittany-Rory Relationship.

Charlotte smirked knowing Rachel was watching her over by Alejandra who talked and filed her nails. After all with exams and sectionals coming up, they literally haven't gotten to see each other in private for a month. What episode of glee does puck make a weird face?

Are puck and reachel from glee really Jewish? Rumours spread that he may be fired but it may be only temporary. Mercedes-Artie Relationship.

Glee Season 4 - I Do 4x14 - Recap and Videos

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