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India Games of chance where it is possible to win money or prizes are not allowed, even where no payment or consideration is involved. Once you've fixed the violation, resubmit your ad using the steps below. Upcoming and recent changes Past changes.

This includes gambling-related advertisements that appear on your social casino games destination. Social casino game destinations that offer gambling or games where the opportunity exists to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of the game. United Kingdom The gambling operator must be licensed or otherwise authorized by the U. Proof of license must be displayed on the website, preferably on the landing page, and be otherwise verifiable on the U. Aggregators must display a message on the landing page warning against excessive or pathological gaming.

For both of the above, advertisers must also be certified with Google. Gambling contests policies. Advertisers promoting provincial lotteries must have authorization from the applicable government agency. Learn more about suspended accounts. Check order status Contact us Visit our resource center.

Sites must not accept or procure bets from residents of countries where online gambling is disallowed, such as the U. We are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. Our professionalism in this field is incontestable. The Spelinspektionen logo must be clearly displayed on the website. See country requirements Asia-Pacific Product Allowed?

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Approved or disapproved Approved. In addition to the requirements above, there may be further restrictions based on which countries your campaign targets.

Advertisers must comply with applicable regulations and industry best practices, including responsible gaming messaging, non-deceptive description of odds of winning, and prize amounts. We are buying from multiple sources simultaneously and therefor can deliver fair amounts of online traffic.

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Verified Sources All of our traffic is first hand, being bought directly from its source. This is a huge business, and a lot of people have cashed in on it. Don't gamble with results! Ready to start your next project?

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Check for restrictions by country, below. Sites that are set up outside of the United States are legal. Not allowed with the exception of lotteries. Real-Time Bidding This is how we buy most of our Display traffic.

We accept all major Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies. Get helpful tips and info from our newsletter! Here are some of the factors to consider. Advertisers who want to target both groups of countries must create a separate account for each group.

Facilitating the transfer of funds to online casinos is also a bad idea. The legality of online gambling is ever-changing. You may not promote gambling in markets where you do not hold a valid license, best slots to play at four winds casino irrespective of whether online gambling is allowed in that market or not.

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The legal plan is available in most states. Use the approved website for your ad.

Must be licensed through Spelinspektionen. Games of chance where it is possible to win money or prizes are not allowed, even where no payment or consideration is involved. There are advantages and disadvantages when you run a home business. Legal plans Browse attorney directory Legal document review Speak with an attorney.

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The gambling operator must be licensed or otherwise authorized by the U. They may only provide links to gambling sites that hold a valid operating license in Mexico, but are not operated or controlled by the aggregator. We can give you a hand with the management and execution of various types of web-development projects. And international financial parties have continued to process their transactions.

To help prevent unnecessary delays, be sure to provide all of the requested information. The license number must be displayed on the web site. Tracking solutions, Fraud detection, and many more.

Gambling-related tutoring and educational materials such as books and e-books Gambling-related information such as tips, odds, and handicapping Advertisers must also be certified with Google. Targeting minors is not allowed. Honesty, Intergrity and Professionalism - That's our way in business! Don't miss any potential client! Details Mahjong Not allowed Google doesn't allow the promotion of Mahjong when the exchange of money is involved.