Agents of shield ward and may hook up, agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. (season 6)

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  • Will being stuck alone together for a long period of time improve their fondness of each other, or break them further apart?
  • After the operation, Skye seemed to fully commit herself to her training and S.
  • Whether or not it's Pandora's box, we'll see.

The team tracked her down where she had already amounted a small army of local police and a biker gang, who were all blindly loyal to her. Gideon successfully opens the portal to allow Hive to return to Earth, but Hive reveals that he has retained Nathaniel's memories, and punishes Gideon by murdering his daughter Stephanie. Raina comes to accept her new circumstances, hook up with a girl and later allows Jiaying to kill her so that Skye can learn of the former's true intent. They kind of bounce off each other.

Ward ensured the team was ready before they went to work. They soon learned that a criminal called Edison Po had been broken out of prison with the help of Centipede Soldiers. She's slow in getting acclimated to part of the group and being in the field again.

When Ward was informed by Phil Coulson that Skye would now be brought onto their team, he questioned the decision, claiming that Skye did not have what it takes to be a S. They discussed a plan to find and stop the Clairvoyant. After the brief but violent fight, Ward was able to kill all but three. While Ward argued that Skye's history with the Rising Tide made her a risk, Coulson insisted that her skills would prove valuable as she did not think like a traditional agent. Here we are, coming full circle, with him being on the completely opposite side of that.

When the gun ran out of ammunition, Ward used whatever weapon was closest to him to fight back, hitting the men with pool cues and cracking them over the head with whatever was nearby. Ward then ordered Kebo to sneak onto the boat and unleash a bag full of rats to scare away the women so they would not be harmed in the upcoming fight. However just as the doors closed behind them, a loud noise was heard causing everyone to raise their guns at Ward who denied any involvement with whatever had caused the strange noise.

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Since the world presumes that Coulson is dead, the organization needed a new Director to be the face of the organization. He finds Robin Hinton so she can tell him where the gravitonium within the Earth is located. Victoria Hand took a personal interest in the mission, however, she had a strong distrust of Skye. Ward advises Phil Coulson to escape.

As the room began to shake, the Monolith pieces created a portal which Ward's soldiers jumped through. During the gravity storm fight with Daisy Johnson aboard the modified Zephyr-One, Sinara was killed when Daisy Johnson impaled her with a pipe. As more weapons were being unloaded, Ward was shocked to see that Kebo had returned without Werner von Strucker. Hunter helps Fitz rescue Coulson and the team when they are transported to where their trail led them to Enoch. Malick vowed to help Ward destroy S.

While imprisoned, Fitz learns from a reluctant Simmons of her time-traveling adventures, including the deaths of his alternate future self and Coulson. She fears that an invasion will happen, when all Inhumans are just a new minority on Earth. He explodes after being exposed to pure light powered by gamma radiation by S. Britt worked with Garrett until the Hydra reveal, after which he joins Coulson's team.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 6)

He told her that the rifle was set to fire at the doorway the moment it was opened, killing them instantly in front of her eyes, which would give them the closure they desired. Bennet, talking about Skye's commitment to S. As Palamas fell to her knees and began drowning on her own blood, Ward begged her to stay with him but she died in his arms as her Photostatic Veil switched off, dating revealing her true scarred face.

Ward orders Bobbi Morse to confess her sins. Academy student and friend of Mack's who aids Phil Coulson's group in locating the gravitonium. When Ward struggled to find Skye in the Providence base, he went to the closet to check she had not discovered Koenig's body. Ward recruits Sunil Bakshi to the mission. They were later joined by John Garrett who had also been attacked by S.

When he returned to Garrett, Ward lied to him and claimed to have definitively killed Fitz and Simmons. Together, they hijacked the Bus and took control of Leo Fitz. Ward then ordered his team and Fitz to get moving so they could find the Inhuman quickly. And as in the X-Men world, there are a handful of people who look more like them, but a lot of them turn out to be just attractive people with powers. In the aftermath of the battle Peterson was wounded and Brian Hayward was executed by Centipede.

As one struggles to hide his mistake and the other with his sense of identity, which one will come out as the real monster? Once they were satisfied that Selwyn had done all he could to assist them, Ward killed him to ensure he did not tell anyone about their actions. Ward and Kebo question Carmine. The three of them then teleport away to an unknown destination. Daisy's team is captured by Chronicoms lead by Atarah, Enoch's former superior.

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Academy of Science and Technology who gains cryokinetic abilities following an experiment with a weather machine. He abducts and sends Phil Coulson's group, except for Fitz, through time to the Lighthouse in the year due to a prophecy uncovered by Robin Hinton. The show will speak to the human condition through the lens of our very human, non-powered S. He has the trust of Whitehall and is acting as he sees fit, the consequences of which will play out. As Ward prepared to fly the plane away to safety he was stopped when Maria Hill arrived on another jet with Antoine Triplett.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Did Ward and Melinda May Really Hook Up

Sarge and his team track down a seemingly normal man and kill him with a strange knife. The betrayal might be not sharing that information of what happened to him with her. Grant later apparently kills Christian. Ward did not seem overtly interested in relationships but for a time had a purely sexual relationship with Melinda May. And the ones from the movies.

Inside the van, Ward, who had been practicing this in his cell, dislocated his thumb, freeing himself of his handcuffs, and overpowered the agents. Seeking to take out several agents of the S. Advertisements for Agents of S.

Agents of SHIELD episode 8 The Well recap Did Ward and May hook up

However, he left the organization again after Whitehall's death along with Kara Palamas. This ends with the Remorath warriors being killed by a gravitonium-enhanced Glenn Talbot. They manage to tie him up and find out that Fitz headed to Kitson, where they arrive later. Mack, May, and a strike team enters the building and attempt to apprehend Sarge and his team alive.

  1. There she falls in love with Will Daniels, who sacrifices himself so she can return to Earth.
  2. What does that mean now that she has this ability?
  3. As Ward was about to enter the van, he told Coulson to tell Skye that he would keep his promise to take her to her father.
  4. During the chaos, Ward ordered the team to collect the while he dealt with the soldiers, reassuring them that Coulson could handle himself.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

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